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YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

We are an online thumbnail download service that helps you to get any Youtube thumbnail image in the resolution you like the most.
Some people use phrases such as Thumbnail grabber, Thumbnail screenshot and Thumbnail generator in order to find the appropriate download program for their needs. In order to make it easier for people to find us, we have such a simple name that anyone can remember - Thumbnail4all.

How To Download Thumbnail Image

1. Find the thumbnail you like the most, copy and paste the video link of the video in the search box and click the submit button.
2. In the drop-down menu below the thumbnail choose the resolution that suits you the most and download it.
As simple as that. Yay!

What is a Thumbnail and what represents it?

The term thumbnail, when used in multimedia, represents a small picture or a video, which based on its size, resembles a human thumbnail. Many programs, social networks, operating systems etc, use thumbnails in order to reduce their bandwidth usage and download time (since their usage and demand has become higher than ever).
Nowdays a lot of artists, graphic designers and even huge studies use the thumbnails to describe a small drawing on paper to effectively explore more ideas at once. Thumbnails can be theme oriented; Games, movies, books or anything else where it is necessary to summarize the essence of something in a small thumbnail image. All this allows the creation of a user friendly environment. With all that in mind, we can freely say that Thumbnails are the life savers and no doubt each of us, even those who are not aware of it, have benefited from them.